Lenawee County

We have 1242 rolls of film from Lenawee County. That's about 44,712 photos.

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35-RLE-16 (1969)
I grew up here. My parents first house and then my granparents lived there until my grandpa passed.
13-RLE-8 (1969)
Our Centennial Farm in 1969.
13-RLE-37 (1969)
This house has been torn down but the barns are still in use.
13-RLE-18 (1969)
I believe this was another Silberhorn house. The house I live in is the original Silberhorn homestead and the... more »
13-RLE-35 (1969)
This was a neighboring house. It was torn down in the late 1970s or early 1980s. the barns are still there and... more »
8-RLE-4 (1969)
Another shot of our first Michigan home.
11-RLE-8 (1969)
Moved in to this home in March of 1975, still here. The barn is gone and some of the trees are gone and others... more »
8-RLE-3 (1969)
I lived in this house from November 1970 until March of 1975. The old barn is gone and the house has been remodeled... more »